Oct 24, 2012

astrology is bullshit

In MX (the free newspaper we get at the train stations in Melbourne), there is a section called “Should I get out of bed?” which predicts your future for next day. I used to read it and after so many failed predictions I've stopped reading it.

When i had bright future next day, I used to get sudden rush of happiness (might last only for 10 minutes) but when there is crap stuff, the next half hour is ruined (and may more at times).

I’ve been wondering about why this (very popular) ancient system fails most of the times to predict things correctly!

These Research paper explains why my decision to stop reading astrological predictions was good.

In the study, they picked up the best once

The experimental subjects were six individuals (one man, five women) nominated by the IFA (American Federation of Astrologers) as astrologers with superior ability

This paragraph sums up the whole paper…

Abstract-Six expert astrologers independently attempted to match 23 astrological birth charts to the corresponding case files of 4 male and 19 female volunteers. Case files contained information on the volunteers' life histories, full-face and profile photographs, and test profiles from the Strong-Campbell Vocational Interest Blank and the Cattell 16-P.F. Personality Inventory. Astrologers did no better than chance or than a nonastrologer control subject at matching the birth charts to the personal data; this result was independent of astrologers' confidence ratings for their predicted matches. Astrologers also failed to agree with one another's predictions

And as expected

These negative results surprised the members of the Indiana Federation of Astrologers, who had remained confident in the predictive powers of astrology throughout the study.

And another interesting article here.

Some proven statistic below.

match of birth chart by astrologer


  1. what is the point in knowing! Imagine if we knew everything that is going to happen to us..real fun is in "uncertainty" and "not knowing"..

  2. Tabcorp will go bankrupt if the winning horse could be predicted for this cup day