Oct 5, 2012

bollywood's top actors of this century

I bumped across this piece while wondering in the cyber world.

It is a survey of top 15 actors of Bollywood by NDTV.

NDTV says ... Here at NDTV, we conducted a viewer poll on their top 15 popular heroes in the last 100 years of Bollywood. And the results, least to say, were astounding!

Here is the list with percentage of vote

1. Shah Rukh Khan 52.29%
2. Aamir Khan 13.21%
3. Salman Khan 11.85%
4. Amitabh Bachchan 10.15%
5. Dilip Kumar 3.11%
6. Ajay Devgan 2.51%
7. Ranbir Kapoor 1.61%
8. Dev Anand 1.21%
9. Dharmendra 1%
10. Rajesh Khanna 0.6%
11. Shami Kapoor 0.6%
12. Rishi Kapoor 0.45% (tie)
12. Shashi Kapoor 0.45% (tie)
13. Sanjeev Kapoor 0.4% (tie)
13. Manoj Kumar 0.4% (tie)
14. Raj Kapoor 0.35%
15. Sunil Dutt 0.34% (tie)
15. Ashok Kumar 0.34% (tie)

There is nothing astounding about this to me, if you do the survey after 50 years Shah Rukh Khan will be around the 0.4% range. 

What age group was used for this survey? What media was used for this survey? there are so many variables impact things in polls you can't just apply blanket percentage.

Ranbir Kapoor popular than Raj Kapoor, well that is ridiculous to me.

Also I think the results will swing if there is big(hit) movie released or expected. 

The only astounding thing is the difference between No 1 and No 2.Precisely 39.08% (I love numbers). 

The numbers will make bigger impact if they release, how many votes they received in total.

On that note a bit of Akon and SRK...

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