Nov 14, 2012

What I wish for this Hindu New Year?

Diwali is one of the biggest festival according to Hindu tradition, it marks win of good over evil. Also Hindu New Year starts from today. As per human nature we(most) wish things to happen every New Year, either Christian or Hindu or Muslim or any faith.

So being a human I wish something happens or others do (without much effort from me..Lazy me!). Wishing is good as it does not cost anything.

There are big posters everywhere of holy saints, organizing big preaching sessions with their own devotees. The marketing they are doing is almost as professional as a multinational company promoting their product. Best photos, writing, advertising media, placement of their advertise etc..I do not wish to offend any one’s beliefs so I’ll not name the saint and say Mr.X, believed to be enlightened soul by his devotees is organizing a gathering of almost 20,000+ people. You need to buy passes for entry and they are scarce, so people are paying premium for it. There are people coming from all over India for this, which are going to cost them significant travel cost plus accommodation charges. There will be lots and lots money spent for a 3-4 hours session.

Now to the other part….I recently went to a school of mentally challenged kids, hats off to these teachers patience to make these kids stand on their own in our society. The administrative staffs told me that they struggle to give ESSENTIAL facilities to these special kids. The government does not do much and the donations are not enough. The classrooms were stinking as the toilets near by where not cleaned properly.

Let’s say each individual on an average is going to spend Rs.2000 on Mr.X’s session, which is going to be around Rs. 40000000 (4 million) plus all the advertising, rents of property etc.

I wish in this New Year, we spend our money where it is needed most. Not all our fellow human beings are privileged with similar physical or financial fate.   

I wish all of you Happy New Year and may we use our resources, where it will have the most impact. To the betterment of needy people.

And another day it will come true

My Wish for the new year

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