Dec 31, 2012

Punishment for Rape around the world

As almost everyone connected to India knows the sad incident of girl in Delhi and the uproar of people for capital punishment. 

As the law of every country has its own procedures and time frames for judgement, I just did some research to find out how many countries have death penalty for rape.

The answer according to below graph is, only two countries in the world.

The bible says either the culprit should get married with the victim or given death penalty.

Emotionally I'm in favour of the capital punishment so people will be afraid to execute heinous acts like this again, but logically I do not think Indian government will give capital punishment.

I just wish and pray to almighty to stop this kind of tragedies in the future.

More details about Indian Rape laws here and global laws here.

If you don't know what I'm talking - A Google search of "Delhi Gang Rape" gives you About 217,000,000 results in (0.22 seconds).

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