Feb 12, 2013

3 Benefits of Facebook

I read lately quiet a few articles about Facebook being time waster, addictive, earns a lot of money from you, shares your private stuff bla bla bla…I admit it is an addiction for me too and would love to control it but that is something to talk about some other day.

Depending on your perspective you will see good and bad differently than others.

But few of the benefits of Facebook for me are….

  1. Increases affection/love - As soon as you put something up on your wall there is someone going to like it or put a lovely comment. Pre-Facebook era only those who you were in direct contact (phone or personal)  would be able to know the news and share their emotional love with you. For example, with Facebook a school friend whom I've not met for 15 years is sharing his affection on my good story. It's a different questions how much he/she has emotional means with that comment or like, but it is a appreciable gesture that someone has taken 10 seconds to share your joy.
  2. Decreases pain - Similar story as above, you put your broken finger photo, message about tough day at work or train running late on Facebook and there is flood of sympathetic responses which will ease your emotional pain for a bit. I hope one day Facebook messages can decrease physical pain and able to run the trains/trams on time ;)
  3. Quick communication/sharing - We able to share message to all your friends with one click. You type your message and hit post, that message is for whole world to see (depending on your privacy settings). How many people reads your message is always going to remain a mystery but with 14.5% people of the world on Facebook it is the biggest audience for your message. For Example, now I don't have to type email addresses and send photos to my loved individually, just one easy transfer and it is available for them to see.
This one is classic...

I agree with this dude on quiet few of them :)

What are the benefits of social media you've experienced ? Put your comments below.

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