Apr 28, 2013

I don’t use my energy on other people - Philippe Starck

I've to admit that I struggle doing a lots of things from my wishlist (blogging, reading, exercise,meditation etc..) due to time constraint or (mainly) just poor time management.

While scrolling through my news feed I bumped up with this brilliant interview in Harvard Business Review of  Philippe Starck.

To me, he has definitely more busier life than me but he still can design a chair in two minutes and a hotel in a day and a half. You can always argue that he has skills or genius mind but to me its more on how you do things in life.

Some excerpts which I really like from the interview:

The way he manages his time...

HBR: What’s the secret to working so quickly and productively?
Starck: ..............., and we stay out of everything. We don’t go to dinners. We don’t go to cocktails. We don’t go to movies. We don’t watch TV. I don’t use my energy on other people. ................... But from the 15th of June to the 15th of September, I live completely secluded, locked in one of my houses, working from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, or making my own biorhythm: work three hours, sleep 45 minutes, work three hours, sleep 45 minutes, for 24 hours, without eating. ............. 
His philosophy and ethics in choosing clients
HBR: What qualities do you look for in your clients?
Starck:..................., I decided that I wouldn’t work for weapons, alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, gambling, or oil companies or religious organizations. That’s a hard position to take, because it’s a big group, and they’re the people with the money to buy you—to buy your virginity. You can’t imagine how much money I’ve lost because of it. But I shall not change. Second, the project has to be good not just for me and the client but also for the final user. When you work for that human profit, you will have success. Third, I have to fall in love with the client. If you want beautiful children, the parents must be in love........................ That said, I never have dinner or lunch with them. Today I’m in Indonesia, and we’ve worked all day with three very fine, charming guys, but now it’s 7:30, and I won’t eat with them, because our only relationship is work.
As I didn't get enough of Philippe, I went on searching for more and found this Ted Talk.Interesting stuff.

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