Jul 14, 2013

money does tweak your mind

Rich is a relative term but I absolutely believe it does tweak your mind a bit and below is the proof.

At times I also did become arrogant being cashed up more than someone else.

Jul 2, 2013

What profession you should choose – if you are driven by $$$

While warming up for my next career challenge, I found this interesting piece on median salary paid to different professions in the USA, it also has details about how many people were employed in the same profession in 2011.

Click image to open interactive version (via Rasmussen College).

Few highlights about this chart

  • The career to choose in USA is Anesthesiologists if you are driven by money. The median salary is $234,950 only 33,310 were employed in 2011.
  • It seems Carpenters are the worst paid $40,010 and they do have completion as well. 
  • Also the Registered Nurse are the biggest chunk employed 2,724,570 for median salary of $65,950.

This link explains how to interpret this chart.