Sep 13, 2013

Australians require to work less to buy an iPhone

As usual Apple did create buzz around the world two days ago. People did have different opinion about the product so I am not writing a review or trying to convince you to buy or not buy an iPhone.

There have been few articles going around about price comparison with the USA. Some article from Canada here and Australia here.  Also few of my friends were bit disappointed (some happy) comparing the price with the USA.

I dig up some numbers and done comparison on how much a person need to work to get a 32 GB iPhone in different countries. 

The comparison was simple; I took the price of an iPhone (32gb) from various countries and divided by country's minimum wage/hour, which gave me hours required to work for an iPhone.

iphone and minimum wage comparison

Well it shows, you will be better off being an Australian. Australians are required to work almost half of our fellows in the USA or UK to get an iPhone.

This gets even better for the Aussies, if you import the iPhone from USA.

As per today's exchange rate 749 USD = 808.64 AUD. Add $50 shipping and you get and iPhone for 858.64 AUD, that is only 54 hours of work.

Someone might say you need to consider tax implications; leave etc. in the numbers but I would leave that for economist or financial analyst.

Source used:

Apple Prices from various country sites.
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