Sep 28, 2013

becoming a publisher is not easy but lots of fun

I've just completed a unique (because it was first for me) project which I’ve been working on since December 2012, so there is a feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

The project was to convert a physical book written in 1963 into an eBook and publish it to major eBook retailers like Apple, Sony, Kobo and Google.

So what is this book all about? It is collection of true experiences written in short story type of format by a saint named Swami Krishnanand. The stories (and messages) have been inspiring for me and with this effort of converting them into E-book; I hoped to make it is easily accessible and will guide others. 

As with everything first time in life there was lots of learning and challenges. I learned a lot about formatting, e-book file types, ISBN, copyright, cover image and lots of other things about e-book publication. One of the best parts was designing covers for the e-book. Going through ideas to get something on an image about what the book is trying to convey was hard work and fun. I had privilege to work with two fantastic people on this project (one in India and other one in Pakistan - a unique team indeed).

If you are curious to know about the author/saint, Life sketch of the saint is here

The book is free to download in various formats at the following page.

Please share it; there is no cost (may be 10 seconds of your time).

Hope you enjoy it ! 

The Publisher ;)

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