Sep 24, 2013

"Mount Girnar" from Sermons in the Stroms

Like electricity and sound, thoughts are also creative energy.
When we think, we let out subtle magnetic waves known as aura. Identical thought-waves collect together and form an atmosphere fine or foul.
The places where people with common object inhabit, the collective exhalations of thought-waves from their bodies spread themselves and create an influential atmosphere of high potency.
Akin to sounds, thought-waves also remain in the outer space for quite some time. For sus-tenance and permanent preservation, they need to be fed by similar thought-waves. Counter-thoughts can and do pollute, neutralize or even destroy the atmospheric vibrations.
Every place has its own atmosphere —depending upon the surroundings and type of thought-waves released there.
Sick persons' hopeful thoughts of full restoration to health augmented with the Doctors' feelings of sure, speedy and successful cure of their patients, surcharge the outer-space in the hospitals with the curative vibrations--making them the most suitable places for medical treatment.

Because of the melancholic thought-wave deposits, the atmosphere in the cemeteries-cum-cremation yards is depressing; and the forests where fierce animals live, the atmosphere is panicky and terrorizing. Places of worship or pilgrimage where mass people regularly congregate with the common purpose of meditating, praying etc., are conducible spots for peace-promoting pursuits. The places where great saints have lived performing passive penances enjoy that unique atmosphere where spiritual practices prove productive.
While it is certainly true that a pure hearted person of a strong will-power can create requisite atmosphere at any time and place through his rich thought currents, vast majority of we immature beings need ready grounds for inner evolution and for the fructification of our undertakings.
Ordinarily, the atmospheric influence reacts upon us in the measure of our receptivity. But, in certain places, however, the spatial vibrations are so powerful that those coming in its proximity are at once overwhelmed and subjugated.
In the following account is my miraculous experience of such a place.
Mount Girnar also known as Raivanthagiri and Ujjayanthagiri is not only credited with the permanent habitation of great yogis but is also associated with the lives of the Pandavas and the Yadavas. Lord Dattatreya is believed to be residing incognito in Girnar. Amongst the five mountains held most sacred by the Jains, Girnar happens to be one.
Because of the inexplicable and wondrous experience of many visitors, it is rightly rated as a mysterious mountain.
My first visit to Girnar was on a Wednesday of a wintry month in 1952. By about 5.30 that morning, I reached the foot of Girnar and like others waited for the day-break. Soon there was sufficient light to make our ascend feasible and fear-free. As usual, there were hundreds of pilgrims that day also. I commenced climbing.
At a point about 3000 steps high comes the Sorat's Palace. It is around here that there are several Jain temples—the principal one being the Naiminath's. I reached there and rested for a while.
From there, I must have covered about 500 more steps leading to the Ambaji's shrine. On the way, I was accosted by a person who appeared to be a laborer of the Forest Department. He showed me a curved track near there and said that if I went that way about two furlongs that I would come by a little Shiva's temple situated under the clusters of trees—with a small brook running near it. Saying that that place was a serene one, he recommended me to go there.
I was tempted. I side-tracked and trudged on the slippery and serpentine path. Truly, at a distance a little over hundred fifty yards, was a tiny and tidy temple. The tall thick trees around it presented a view of a fine formative fort impenetrable by the sun's whole heat or rays. The small brook-like water spring which was passing near the temple was so matching and natural that anyone would have felt the exceeding beauty and calmness of that place.
I bathed there and with a view to spending a little time in that sedative solitude, seated myself in a comfortable posture and began to chant my personal japa with eyes shut. When my eyes opened. I was exuberantly buoyant and felt that I should get oing.
So, I got up and by the same way walked back to the steps and continued going up. After about an hour or so. I reached Ambaji's temple. I offered my prayers and sat there. The priest was talking with his guests. From their conversation. I neared them mistaking that day for Thursday. With polite interruption, I pointed out that, that day was WEDNESDAY and not Thursday as had been supposed by them. With mockful gestures all of them blinked at me and one amongst them said to the others, 'This maharaj appears to be one day behind the calendar."
I simply mused at their error. I walked out of the temple. There were streams of pilgrims moving to and coming from the farther off Goraknath's Fire Pit. Though I had no doubt about that day being Wednesday, yet, I asked a group outside as to what day it was. 'TODAY IS THURSDAY' came the quick reply. That puzzled me—I asked a few others. 'Well, it is Thursday today' said they too. How is it, all say it is Thursday today, thought I. Not before I had asked another handful of persons, was I convinced that it could be so ; and it immediately struck me that, in that case, that I must have spent over 24 hours in that Shiva's shrine—seated in self-forgetfulness. That amazing knowledge chased me back and I tried to locate that mystical place. I COULD NOT.
When I enquired from several coolies about that place, to my supplemental surprise everyone only told me that none of them had even seen or heard about that spot. When I told them that just a few hours back I was in that place, they teasingly termed my claim as fantastic.
By about sunset, I descended and reached Junagadh town. My friends and the Mahatmaji of Boothnath Mahadev were all expecting me from the evening of the previous day and had even sent someone to look for me.
Before and after my that visit to Girnar, I have heard many wonderful experiences of several saints and strenuous searchers.
Though it is very difficult to explain the mystery of that place which is untraced till date and also to say as to who that seeming laborer of the Forest Department could have been, yet, my experience of that glorious atmosphere around that Shiva's temple leaves me doubtless about the existence and extraordinary effect of the aerial vibrations upon us !

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