Sep 24, 2013

"Novel Dream" from Sermons in the Stroms

Dream is a state of experience in which our subtle bodies fully function while the physical frame is asleep.
As is our physical or wakeful state, our dream life is also a mixture of pleasures plus plains-depending upon the nature of our activities in that subtle state.
The how and why of the sub-conscious mind's operations during sleep is difficult to explain.
All of us get dreams. Their frequency, duration and numbers may differ from person to person. The claim of total dreamlessness of some is mainly attributable to their being unable to recapitulate them after waking up.
On the basis of what we hear and personally experience, dreams can be classified into five distinct categories:- (1) dead dreams, (2) predictive dreams, (3) advisory dreams, (4) communicative dreams and (5) novel dreams.
DEAD DREAMS relate to the vision of the past events -very often in a jumbled or distorted manner-- on the memory curtain of our sub-conscious minds. These are the most ordinary type of dreams.
PREDICTIVE DREAMS are those which too very clearly intimate to us the incidents to come. This and the 'ADVISORY' type of dreams demand a fine degree of a care-free mental mould. The heavy and hard-hearted people don't get them.
ADVISORY DREAMS present us with super solutions to our knotty problems which drain and defy our brain-power during the wakeful state.

Communicative DREAMS- the common cognizance of any event by any or many set of people at one and the same time and as also the inter-communion during sleep between one another here of this world between other beings or spirits of the invisible regions are the types which can be grouped in this category.
NOVEL DREAMS bring before our mental eyes the immediate happenings and make it possible for to witness them as and when they are in motion. This grade of dreams come to pious persons only.
Narrated here below is a true case of a NOVEL DREAM.
Once in 1952 I was camping with a Judge at his residence in Bombay. Judicial Officers--big and small-possess penetrative minds and as such are temperamentally mystic. My host, a thinker and writer of merit, happens to be religious to the core, and so, all the saints in whose touch he has come, call him Dharmaraj.
Shri Dharmaraj was then living with his wife and his youngest college-going son named Aniruddha. True to his name, Aniruddha was self-willed and ungovernable.
Whenever i happened to be his guest in Bombay, Sri Dharmaraj always lodged me in his meditation room on the second floor of his bungalow and as a rule he shared the room with me to sleep at nights.
As was usual with us, on the third night of my stay with him also, we went to bed early and fell asleep. By gentle pats Shri Dharmaraj awakened me that night. When I got up, he said that in dream he saw his son Aniruddha I go up to his mother's bed, remove the keys kept beneath her pillow, open the almirah and take all the money and valuables from it. There after he said, that Aniruddha changed into muslim looks with a fez cap -and false moustache and reached: V.T Station with a suit case. The dream came to a close, he said, after he saw Aniruddha sitting in the upper class waiting room of the Station with a girl whom be recognized as Kumari Chanchala.
We went down and first reached the room where the aimirah was. Really, it was ransacked. Next, we went to the ground floor-Aniruddha wasn't in his room. The clock there chimed thrice to announce that it was 3 a.m.
Thereafter, Shri Dharmaraj woke up Jayaben - his wife-and told her everything.
Because his driver was staying in the City and also because Shri Dhatmaraj knew no motoring, Jayaben drove us to the V.T. Station. We parked the car and went up to the upper class waiting room.
Shri Aniruddha was there in muslim attire wearing a fez cap plus a make-up moustache. With him was a lass in a velvet veil. Had not Shri Dharmaraj seen in the dream, his son changing into Mohamedan dress, it would have been well-nigh impossible for him or anyone to recognize Aniruddha.
When we entered the waiting room, we found only two passengers sleeping there. Aniruddha did see us enter. But, in his certainty that his make-up was of dramatic perfection, he and the girl in veil remained rooted to their seats absolutely unconcerned-hoping to pass off for a young Khoja couple. It didn't work. Shri Dharmaraj went straight to Aniruddha and addressing both of them by their names said, "Your step is unwise and would have mixed with dust the fair name and prestige of your parents." Both of them rose up immediately and stood apart in a pose of the penitent. We took them home. The young lady in that make-up mask was Kumari Chanchala--Aniruddha's fiancée. In her bag we, found Rs.15,000/- and some jewelries which she had stolen from her house.
Later, Shri Dharmaraj called her father an Industrialist-and everything was squared-up in a spirit of forgive and forget.
That's how the NOVEL DREAM of Shri Dharmaraj nipped in the bud the defaming escapade of the blooming "lovers and put them back to their unfinished college education.
Consenting to their marriage, the understanding parents of Shri Aniruddha and Kumari Chanchala, united them in wed-lock in the year 1956. Aniruddha is now a progressive Business Executive of honorable principles and his dutiful wife Chanchalabenji is an active and love able social worker.

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