Dec 25, 2013

Rampa's Rosary of Resolutions

In the year 1951, I trekked into some parts of the Naga Hills. There, in Ukhrul, a small hill town, I came in touch with a Tibetian monk and got friendly with him. I was privileged to be in his saintly company for a week.
Besides Tibetian, his mother tongue, the holy Rampa had a working knowledge of Burmese only. In his talks with me, he laid greater emphais's on ethics. He talked of meditation and NIRVANA only through the meaningful language of good-conduct.
Virtue, ethics, morality, good-conduct and religion are all synonymous terms. All the ills and strifes that are currently prevalent throughout the world are wholly and entirely due to our ethical poverty.
A persistent practice of moral values is the strong base on which the edifices of worldly happiness, spiritual growth and perfection can firmly and lastingly stand.
A mere intellectual knowledge of the various scriptural and philosophical treatises without a virtuous living can only be compared to rowing an anchored boat which will only fatigue us, make a laughing stock of us, and above all, take us nowhere beyond its stationary place. He who though not versed in the scriptures, should he be of humane conduct, such a person is far more great than he who is a Pandit in learning but ETHICALLY EMPTY.
Here below I present the hundred and eight resolutions of the holy Rampa for your knowledge and guidance. If we practised them all with due diligence, we will evolve even as all greatmen who attained the highest goal of life did by passing through the royal bridge of virtuous living.
(1).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall love one and all in a sincere spirit of true love in every conceivable situation without any reserve whatever.
(2).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall to the degree of my possibility always help the deserving and the needy.
(3).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall always endeavor to rightly understand all those I may have to deal with. Never shall I commit the mistake of misunderstanding anyone.
(4).  HENCEONWARDS. I shall be very cautious in exclusively relying upon my own opinions, but shall always honor others' reasonable and deserving view-points.
(5).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall readily share God's good gifts with all those whom I may come across
(6).  HENCEONWARDS, with the potential sparks of love, I shall reduce to ashes all hatred that may be directed towards me.
(7).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall openly admit my faults and shall earnestly strive to make suitable amends.
(8).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall be slow and thoughtful in making promises, but, having once made them, i shall zealously and quickly fulfill them.
(9).  HENCEONWARDS, I shall not make others to attend to the works which I myself can conveniently do.
(10).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not take undue advantage of other's kindness, nor shall I swoop to exploit the ignorant.
(11).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall particularly see to it that my pleasure-seeking pursuits do neither disturb nor hinder others' peace or happiness.
(12).   HENCEONWARDS. I shall not expect and accept favours; but shall remain content in the enjoyment of my legitimate rights.
(13).   HENCEONWARDS, with due esteem for my benefactors, I shall gratefully and openly acknowledge favours received: but shall outright forget the privilege of having helped anyone.
(14).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not pry into and interfere in the affairs of anyone.
(15).   HENCEONWARDS, retaliate if I must, I shall always take recourse to constitutional means.
(16).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall endeavor to suitably reward all those who may help me; but shall not myself seek any gains for having helped others.
(17).   HENCEONWARDS, before indulging in the activities of reforming the society, I shall first perfect myself.
(18).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall in all humility, keep myself open to learn from one and all irrespective of their age and station of life.
(19).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not burden or bother others with the details of my distresses, but shall silently suffer it all with courage and with an earnest determination not to charter them again.
(20).   HENCEONWARDS, as a servant of the Saviour and the society, I shall practice fidelity, submissiveness and obedience.
(21).   HENCEONWARDS, in obedience to the serious scriptural injunctions, I shall neither detest nor deride other religions and their venerable votaries.
(22).   HENCEONWARDS, through the cultivation of true and selfless love, I shall first redeem myself from the marshy meshes of mental monotony and thereafter alone shall I enter into the onerous social service.
(23).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall tactfully tackle the tough task of rearing children and mould them into useful and responsible beings.
(24).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not allow my thoughts to peep into the faults and shortcomings of others.
(25).   HENCEONWARDS, never in the course of my daily life shall I hurt or harm anyone through my thoughts, words or deeds.
(26).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall never attempt to deceive or dishonour anyone.
(27).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not harass my creditors through wilful delays, under-payment or non-payment.
(28).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not adopt an exacting and inhuman attitude in dealing with my distressed and displaced debtors.
(29).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not thrust upon others my beliefs and convictions.
(30).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not follow unwholesome customs and traditions.
(31).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not commit the blunder of forming an inconclusive, hasty or prejudicial opinion about anyone or anything.
(32).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not indulge in the unproductive lip-praise of anyone's admirable conduct and qualities, but shall sincerely and silently strive to imbibe and imitate the traits and dispositions that are worthy of praise.
(33).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not become a tool to the whims and wonts of the rich by allowing myself to be influenced by their wealth.
(34).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not desert or denounce those distressed and deserving, who need and seek my solace and support.
(35).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not butt in and crush the chances of anyone rightly receiving the required relief from others.
(36).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall so conduct myself as to do away with diseases, drugs and DOCTORS.
(37).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall practise discriminate moderation in the selection of my food.
(38).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall wholly and entirely avoid the usage of narcotics, stimulants and such other items which imminently and at times even immutably impair my health.
(40).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not talk while taking meals and thereby hinder the natural process of digestion and assimilation.
(41).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall reduce my wants to the degree of barest minimum necessity.
(42).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall punctually devote some time, daily, to productive spiritual practices.
(43).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall always remember that, with a firm will and strong determination, there is nothing in the world which I cannot accomplish.
(44).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall talk little, hear sufficiently and act abundantly.
(45).   HENCEONWARDS, by remaining impervious, I shall serenely suffer slights and slanderings.
(46).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall decisively develop a detached disposition.
(47).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall court the company of the pure plus pious hearted persons and avoid the vile and villains.
(48).   HENCEONWARDS, with mental equanimity I shall face all the vicissititudes of life.
(49).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall only read healthy and inspiring literature.
(50).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not coax or persuade others to break or give-up their worthy resolves.
(51).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall effectually erase the empty egoism.
(52).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall regularly rotate the rosary.
(53).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall speak the truth and truth alone. Never shall I even entertain the soul-sullying thought to lie.
(54).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall visit a temple daily and benefit myself from the elevating atmosphere there.
(55).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall develop and maintain a habitual countance of cheer which springs from contentment and full freedom from false apprehensions and cares.
(56).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall retire to bed early in a prayerful sway and likewise rise also early.
(57).   HENCEONWARDS, when confronted with doubts, confusions and complexities, I shall first relax myself mentally and then pray for God's gradely guidance.
(58).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall share a portion of my daily food with birds, insects and animals.
(59).   HENCEONWARDS, in this world market of activities, I shall always respect the element of time by being prompt plus punctual in everything I do.
(60).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall stubbornly resist all temptations.
(61).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall checkup before retiring to bed all bad actions committed by me during the day with a view to entering and negotiating the next day bereft of such heart-defiling moves.
(62).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall lead an ideal, orderly and a planned life.
(63).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall readily forego all benefits if they should come to me through pain plus privations to others.
(64).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not squander my time and energy in PERISHABLE PLEASURES PLUS PAINFUL PURSUITS.
(65).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall overcome all my weaknesses and limitations through perfect piety.
(66).   HENCEONWARDS, with a vigilant watch I shall sternly ward off all persons and all those things that may attempt to impede or stampede the prosecution and progress of my high, holy &. honourable aims.
(67).   HENCEONWARDS, in the rational belief that it is not right to anticipate a wondrous and instantaneous success in everything I do, I shall act my part well and leave the rest to time.
(68).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall especially see to it that my thoughts, words and actions are in absolute co-ordination with one another.
(69).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not maim myself by swimming in the imaginary waters of dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows. Instead, I shall determinedly dive deep into the ocean of the living present and procure therefrom, the precious pearls of infinite bliss.
(70).   HENCEOWARDS, I shall respect and venerably treat all elders and the wise.
(71).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not allow myself to be chained by the lures of lust and luxuries.
(72).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not allow my mind to evince interest in anything evil.
(73).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not surrender myself to the haunts of vain and negative fears of sorts.
(74).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not hanker after the transient fame and fortune.
(75).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not indulge in the sinful and inhuman practice of eating the dirty, decomposed, disease-carrying flesh of dead animals.
(76).   HENCEONWARDS, unless it is absolutely unavoidable and pressingly necessary, I shall not indulge in or encourage borrowing and lending.
(77).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not pollute the places of pilgrimage by behaving there in a questionable manner.
(78).   HENCEONWARDS, in the knowledge that it is never profitable to throw oneself to despondency over the inevitable events of life, I shall never WEEP over the dead.
(79).   HENCEONWARDS, unless it is. essential to make up the previous night's
sleeplessness or when too tired, I shall never get used to sleeping in the daytime.
(80).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall neither myself accept nor induce others to take bribes.
(81).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not indulge in the practice of plagiarism.
(82).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall abstain from the foul habit of putting on a pretentious appearance of what I am not and profess to know what in reality I don't.
(83).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not revel in the habit of falsely praising anyone.
(84).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall desist from exhibiting my intellectual, attainments by refraining to speak unless asked to do so.
(85).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not take part in such critical, controversial and challenging discussions as are unproductive and thereby pervert my precious time.
(86).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall put to proper use all my possessions. Never shall I misuse or callously waste any of them.
(87).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not commit the error of expecting permanent pleasure plus perfect peace from the transient things and mundane activities.
(88).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not delay or hesitate to put my good thoughts to speedy action.
(89).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not take upon myself the questionable and offending vocation of testing the intellectual, mental or spiritual get-up of others.
(90).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not blame anyone but myself for the inequalities present in my life.
(91).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not give room to the binding tendencies of infatuation and emotional sentiments.
(92).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall not in any way foster false beliefs and faith.
(93).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall, with cheer accept God's gracious dispensations with the full knowledge that they all are for mv exclusive good.
(94).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall always perform virtuous actions and avoid the vicious ones.
(95).   HENCEONWARDS, with an awakened interest I shall efficiently discharge my temporal and spiritual obligations.
(96).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall conserve the vital energy by practicing continual continence.
(97).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall perform all my duties in a true spirit of dedication to God.
(98).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall forgive with ready sympathy the lapses of others, but shall severely censure myself and suffer mortification for all my errors.
(99).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall sincerely pray daily for the welfare of one and all.
(100).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall season my prayers with an unflinching faith - the only way to enlist sure and quick answers to them.
(101).   HENCEONWARDS, bearing in my mind that it is the only aspiration which will secure sure and sublime success, I shall earnestly yearn to achieve the highest spiritual perfection in this very birth.
(102).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall gratefully receive all that God may choose to give me and thankfully surrender all that He may want to withdraw from me.
(103).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall so guard myself as not to allow others' evil to contaminate or take roots in me and shall also see to it that no evil gets any support from me, whatever, for its spread and sustenance.
(104).   HENCEONWARDS, when the powerful latencies of my innumerable past lives lure me into taking to sinful ways, I shall implore the omniscient God to rouse my sense of discrimination and prevent me from yielding physically.
(105).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall treat life as given exclusively for the realisation of Brahmic union, the highest goal of human birth.
(106).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall sincerely repent for all my past transgressions and rigidly resolve to absolve myself from the taint of future violations.
(107).   HENCEONWARDS, I shall be constant in the conviction that no sooner I do away with the downward desires, anger, greed, infatuation, pride, and jealously, I become fit to be ushered into the higher horizons of spiritual unfoldment.

(108).   HENCEONWARDS, out of an ardent love to attain the rich realms of PERFECT POISE PLUS PERENNIAL PEACE, I shall daily beseech the most merciful Lord God to nurse and bless all the resolutions which I may make and ACT upon.

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