Dec 25, 2013

Spirits Speak

The existence of invisible beings is now-receiving the acceptance and recognition from most reflective men of science.
A spirit is a disembodied being not subject to our earthly laws of time and space. Because they are differently constituted, .we can commune with them only under some special circumstances.
Narrated here below is an account of my communion with a spirit. Because I lack adequate knowledge of psycho-physiological subjects, I am not in a position to clarify or freely comment on the strange phenomena which I visually observed and conversed with.
Once, while moving about in Maharashtra, I happened to camp in a village near Sholapur. One night, a farm - owner took me to his farm where sugar - canes were being crushed for the manufacture of Jaggary. It is almost customary with all farmers to invite relatives and friends on such occasions for a treat. As the farm was fairly far from the village, it was earlier agreed that I should spend the night in the fields.
After the reception, I found that with the motor-operated crushing machines making roaring noise, I would not be able to sleep there. So, with the consent of my host I went to another farm about half a mile away, spread my bed at a convenient place and retired to sleep.

As is my habit, I got up at 3 am. and was preparing myself for the regular early morn meditations, when, all at once, I was enveloped with the feeling of some strange presence around me. On looking up ahead, I perceived a silvery outline of an apparent human - form about 10 feet away from me and approximately 3 feet above the ground without being in any contact whatsoever with any normal support.
In the course of my extensive wanderings, I had on several occasions come across such personifications, but this was the first perceptional meeting. As a matter of fact, I had been really longing for such an experience. With delight cum curious countenance, therefore, I fixed my look at that figure in askance and awaited its reactions.
The spirit greeted me with a 'bon jour ami' -(good-morning friend). After fittingly reciprocating, I began conversing with the figure which spoke fluent English in a base masculine voice. The meeting lasted for well over an hour and a half. I give below only some select questions together with the replies of the spirit as I feel they may add to the knowledge of my readers.

MYSELF (1 ) : What prompted you to grace me with your presence ?
SPIRIT : Love of human company.
MYSELF ( 2 ) : Can you tell me who you were in your past life and since when are
you in this state ?
SPIRIT : Known as ' Chidambar Kulkarni ', I was running a decent hotel in a nearby city here. I am one of the fortunate some who can transport themselves into their past. According to nature's plan, my fleshy form was taken away eight years back.
MYSELF (3) : Did you possess this power to peep into your past when you were Chidambar Kulkarni ?
SPIRIT : No-No sooner I left the human frame, this power manifested itself in me.
MYSELF (4): What is the extent of the distant past you can dive into?
SPIRIT : I possess detailed knowledge of my past five births.
MYSELF (5) :'Is it given to you to know the past of others too ?
SPIRIT : Past details about others do at time flash to me.
MYSELF ( 6) : Can you give the exact time and date of my birth ?
SPIRIT : Let me see: -  yes. You were born at 12.18. p.m. on 26th August, 1920 in a Buddhist country.
MYSELF ( 7 ) : Are you also gifted to foresee others' or your future ?
SPIRIT : No Maharaj.
MYSELF (8) : What immediate change did you experience after your last death ?
SPIRIT : Loss of contact with the physical body and consequent inability to use or enjoy worldly things.
MYSELF (9) : Do you mean to say that death has not affected your mental capabilities?
SPIRIT: YES, not only that; death, I personally feel, has positively - increased my mental powers.
MYSELF (10) : Where do you spirits stay ?
SPIRIT: We with the gaseous bodies, need no place as such to stay. But according to our respective predispositions, we are drawn to hover around trees, temples, tanks, tombs: cemeteries, churches, cables, caves, cliffs, collieries and at times reside as DOUBLES in human and animal bodies. There are spirits of superior order who dwell in celestial space and higher planets.
MYSELF (11) : Why and when do you spirits choose to live as doubles in the human or animal bodies ?.
SPIRIT: Only the earth-bound spirits with predominant worldly desires, seeking appeasement of their latent sensual hunger, trespass into living bodies. They generally select one whom they loved in their past life. Or in the alternative, they may even enter semi-vacant bodies, that is, bodies under the spell of suspended animation due to shock or poisoning. When persons, revived from the terminal effects of accidents, and behave too very differently, you have a concrete case of a spirit having taken forcibly possession of someone's body - by driving out the soul which previously resided therein.
MYSELF (12) : Are you spirits capable of moving about freely in space and of visiting higher planets ?
SPIRIT : Spirits which have to undergo further cycles of reincarnations on earth cannot visit places beyond the spatial boundary of earth. But those that are due for transfer to celestial realms after their span of sojournment in the spirit -world, are capable of freely moving about in the vast expanse of space as also of visiting distant planets. I know for certain that beings from higher realms do come down for brief association with the good group of earth - bound spirits and sometimes with advanced souls on earth.
MYSELF (13) : Can you spirits help, heal or harass human - beings ?
SPIRIT: YES - the laws of karma which go vein the possibilities of human - beings apply to us spirits also. The only difference is that with our gaseous bodies we are better placed to work for the betterment or otherwise of the physical beings, with greater ease and speed.
MYSELF (14) : Can you help people on earth with material objects ?
SPIRIT : We spirits can neither create physical objects (finished products) nor do we possess them. So, when it comes to helping people with material things, spirits of the lower an order lift from shops or houses. I know a few notorious spirits which heap upon a well-known Harijan sadhu of South - black monies which they empty from the strong safes of flourishing financial frauds, and he is having a fine time drawing, deluding and deceiving the ignorant crowds in the name of God and incarnation. It must however be said to the credit of the sadhu that because of his these make-believe miracles performed with the aid of poltergeists, many atheists have begun believing in religion and God.
MYSELF (15): Without physical organs, how can such spirits transport physical Object?
SPIRIT: We spirits are capable of bringing about atomic disintegration of man-made articles. Those spirits that do the lifting employ this technique and do the reassembling at the other end.
MYSELF (16) : Will you please enlighten me about the exact process by which the atomic disintegration you talk of is brought about by you spirits ?
SPIRIT: No friend, much as I admire your zeal to know about hidden matters, I observe that you arn't as yet mature enough to grasp the intricate details of working of the psychic forces. Now PLEASE don't ask me to demonstrate - because that would cause dissipation of my spiritual energy for no worthy cause.
MYSELF (17) : Can the evil spirits harm anyone and everyone ?
SPIRIT: No, we have in the spirit world what you may call a ' RESCUE COUNCIL ' comprising of powerful spirits. Its function is to see that no undue harm is inflicted upon anyone - SAVE when, like human beings, the spirits have perforce to act malignantly as a result of their malevolent ties of the past with the human or other beings.
MYSELF (18) : will you please tell me something about what benevolent spirits, like you, do ?
SPIRIT: The spirits of the satwic order never harass or harm anyone. They do help or guide people-but only according to the divine laws. They love the company of the good and noble. They frequent places of captivating spiritual atmosphere.
MYSELF (19) : Can you spirits perform super-natural feats?
SPIRIT: Because of the diversity in the power plus possibilities of different beings, certain acts are viewed by some people of particular state of consciousness-as unnatural or supernatural. The following interesting instances should show you how even our natural feats, are branded by you people as miracles:—
(a). The other day, a spirit, attracted by the singing of a psalm glorifying Lord Shiva, went to the particular temple and caused the garland on ‘Shiva-Linga’ to travel in space and settle around the neck of the devotee who was singing. All those assembled there watched this with wonder and from that day the popularity of that devotee and the temple has received a boost.
(b).  A brother spirit and myself visited a Goddess's temple in Gujarat. In the crowd of visitors present there, we saw a devotee whom we recognized by his astral aura which was rose-red. It also flashed to us that he was poor and without food for the last two days. This brother spirit of mine caused a handful of currency notes lying at the feet of the deity to fly into the hands of that starving devotee. All watched this with raised brows, yet, for us, these are very ordinary feats.
(c). On another occasion, another spirit caused the big bells in Sri Nathji (a prominent Vaishnav temple in Marwar) to ring incessantly for some time. Little later conches blew and drums beat without human aid. These were all viewed by the people as divine miracles.
(d). Once, a female spirit announced from the altar of a shrine that if all present there didn't circumambulate the temple from sun-set to dawn, God's wrath would befall upon them all. Everyone there obeyed - taking it to be an angelic command.
(e). I also know of a foreign spirit who answered the mathematics paper of a son of your friend Shri. X, who is a High - Court Judge. But for this invisible and unknown help, the academic career of the boy would have been badly hindered,
(f).  On the 2nd Tuesday of every Hindu month of ‘shraavan' a sadhu of a Goddess's temple at Jagannath Puri draws a chain of 20 bullockless carts laden with about 200 pilgrims just by one of his hands. He does it with effortless ease. People in Orissa believe that divine power manifests in the sadhu on that particular day. The pure-hearted sadhu himself shares the belief. But I and others in the spirit world know this to be the job of our fellow spirits. So, you see, in happenings such as this and those told earlier, you earthly beings whose beliefs are more false than true and whose ignorance far more greater than their knowledge, all of you wrongly see miracles and God's hand in them.
MYSELF (20) : Do you consider your present state as superior to human life ?
SPIRIT: People on earth aren’t correctly informed about the spirits. Generally, you all dread and depreciate our state little knowing that every soul has to pass through the experiences of the spirit world in the natural course of onward evolution. Leaving aside comparisons, I am convinced that just as a piece of gold has to pass through various processes before being modelled into a beautiful ornament, so also individual souls have to pass through diverse experiences before achieving the highest spiritual beatitude.
MYSELF (21 ) : Can you read my thoughts ?
SPIRIT: Most assuredly yes - I had been doing it all along You have presently in mind to mentally recite a poem which you would want me to orally repeat. Please, go on with the poem.
MYSELF (22.): You're wonderful! - Now, may I hear it from you ?
I hold that when a person dies His soul returns again to earth Arrayed in some new flesh disguise; Another mother gives him birth; With sturdier limbs and brighter brain The old soul takes the road again.
All that i rightly think or do, Or make, or spoil, or bless or blast Is curse or blessing justly due For sloth or effort in the past. My life's a statement of the sum Of vices indulged or overcome.
And as I wander on the roads, I shall be helped, and healed and blessed; Kind words shall cheer and be as goads, To urge to heights before unguessed. My road shall be the road I made; All that I gave shall be repaid.
So shall I fight, so shall I tread, In this long war beneath the stars; So shall a glory wreathe my head; So shall I faint and show the scars, Until this case, this clinging mold, Is. smithied all to kingly gold.
John Masefield.
MYSELF (23): Can you spirits appear before anyone whom you choose ?
SPlRIT: YES - those of us who have instinctive love for human beings select for company individuals of refined taste and temperament. Generally, we do not impose ourselves upon those who dread or fear us and those who lack liking for higher values of life. When we choose to make ourselves perceptible to physical sight, we make our form a bit more denser by drawing into it additional matter from space. Amongst us, there are spirits who have a natural apathy for other beings. There are also spirits which just exist like plants and animals taking no interest in anything. Cheap spirits are always after mischief and intent upon harming human and other beings. So you see, just as individuals vary in the physical plane, so is the case of beings in invisible realms.
MYSELF ( 24 ) Do all spirits speak ?
SPIRIT: No, those who for want of realistic understanding of death undergo mental torture at the time of death and near it with fear and terror, get both their physical and subtle vocal - chord damaged and as such, when they reach the other side of the grave, cannot give vocal expression to their feelings. These categories of spirits predominate in the spirit world. Some among them, who are able to reconcile themselves with the new life, then employ the technique of thought-transference when they choose to deal with human-beings. The enlightened type of spirits - as I have said earlier, command developed mental faculties and they alone can speak with a muffled human voice and are also able to see and decipher the form and color of thoughts.
MYSELF ( 25) : What have you to say about seance, raps, typtology. planchette, parakinesis, telekinesis etc.. ?
SPIRIT: These are sportive creations of the third class poltergeists who delight in entertaining that section of society-whose most members desire to master trickery and falsely claim to possess spiritual powers solely with a view to duping the gullible.
MY'SELF (26 ) : Do you ever meet your past relatives ?
SPIRIT: My liking to meet them has always remained nil. For, I do not consider people who can stoop to any level for making money as worthy of association. Moreover, my living children are now past all possibilities of reformation; I however, hold mental communion with my French son of my past third birth who is presently in Perros Guirec, in France. He is very aged now and evinces deep interest in Aurbindo philosophy.
MYSELF (27) : Why don't you visit your French son ?
SPIRIT: My elemental constitution does not permit me of such a long distance movement in space.
MYSELF (28 ) : Will you please name some great saints with whom you have contact ?
SPIRIT: Currently I am in touch with none. I have learnt from the teachings of Bhagwan Ramana Rishi that greatness of a saint is dependent upon the spontaneous reverence which he commands and upon the quantitative and qualitative peace one experiences in his presence.
MYSELF (29) : Who is your close friend in the spirit world and what was he in his past life ?
SPIRIT: I am on very intimate terms with a very advanced spirit - who was an eminent foreign Doctor in his past birth and he is one well acquainted with the Indian life. Only yesterday we discussed health problems of India and my friend asserted that BIRTH CONTROL which is being rashly enforced will be most ruinous to India.
MYSELF (30) : Has your friend given you convincing reasons - if yes, will you please take the trouble to let me know them ?
SPIRIT: My friend feels that due to mass illiteracy and an all-round influence of religious dogmas, the position obtaining in India is that only the educated class of people of the age group of 30-35 go in for vasectomy - after few children - that is, just at the age when better brained children are more likely to come. The ignorant and the illiterate who form about 70% of the total population are not for birth-control. This situation apart, because the Indian wives are not GENERALLY treated with care and understanding, - a principal reason for a very high rate of feminine suicides in the Country, the present-day girls with the background of modern education are beginning to abhor marriage in general and motherhood in particular. All this will bring about a sharp decline in the birthrate of intelligent children and a great increase in the strength of dull - brained ones of the backward parents. In the light of the foregoing, therefore, my friend reasonably feels that commending of birth-control now will not only defeat the very purpose but that within the next 50 years or so, India will lose its prominent place in the world map of intelligentsia.
MYSELF (31) : What are the chances of our meeting again ?
SPIRIT: We must leave it to ‘coup de hazard' (Lucky chance). Now I must leave. I thank you for having given me the opportunity to remain in your company for this while, 'dieu vous garde - au plaisir de vous revoir ! ( May God gaurd you till I have the pleasure of seeing you again. )

The gaseous form of the former 'Chidambar Kulkarni' vanished into the thin air. That's how my this exhilarating experience ended. I have narrated it in absolute fairness without any attempt at spicing and only after a dispassionate check - up that it was not something which proceeded from me - hallucination. Yet, I must confess my inability to convince crazy critics about the irrefutable objectivity of spirits.

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