Jan 19, 2014

Why we pay for coffee and not music?

This image came into my news feed on Facebook. At first look, I was in agreement with this one but when I thought about it, it does not seem logical argument. 

To make a cup of coffee

  • There would be thousands spend as well to make a perfect cup. i.e. growing the beans, cleaning, transportation, storage, humans, cows, sugar, machines cups, restaurant the list goes on. 
  • A Barista would have spend years to practice how to make a perfect coffee.
  • The coffee machine maker might have invested years to invent it.
I'm not in favor of piracy and that is a moral conflict I've not been able to resolve yet. I think as a human we would steal anything anytime if
  • the consequences of getting caught are not high
  • the punishment is tolerable
  • the reward outweighs the punishment/consequences 
  • it is acceptable to steal in the social circle we are in
I think people will steal coffee if they are able to. May be there will be digital coffee in the future you can download.

I'm just saying it does not cost just $5 like the image portrays to make coffee. You've to be genuine when you are doing cost analysis ...consider all the cost (except the emotional aspect).

Jan 9, 2014

Science Behind - Why we can't stop eating sweet food?

After my post The science behind - Why we overeat? I got interested in what happens when we have sugary food. I have sweet tooth and once I've one chocolate or piece of cake or any sweet food, i'm not able to stop without having few more.

This video explains the reason behind why we can't stop eating and what brain does when we have sugary food. The brain does the same thing for alcohol and drugs too.

Jan 1, 2014

10 Leadership Lessons from Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com

Jeff  is one of my favorite business leaders. He like other great tech giants Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started Amazon.com in a garage in Seattle. Now his Net worth is 19 Billion and he is among worlds 30 richest men. Amazon's stock is up 397% in last five years.

This article from Forbes talks about his style of leadership.

No 7 is my favorite.

1 “Base your strategy on things that won’t change.”

Selling lipstick, tractor seats, e-book readers and data storage are all part of one big plan with three big constants: offer wider selection, lower prices and fast, reliable delivery.

2 “Obsess over customers.”

Early on Bezos brought an empty chair into meetings so lieutenants would be forced to think about the crucial participant who wasn’t in the room: the customer. Now that ­surrogate’s role is played by specially trained employees, dubbed “Customer Experience Bar Raisers.” When they frown, vice ­presidents tremble.

3“ We are willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time.”

Many of Amazon’s expansions look like moneylosing distractions at first. That sometimes sends the company’s stock price skidding and evokes analysts’ scorn. Bezos shrugs. If the new initiatives make strategic sense to him, a five-to-seven-year financial payoff is okay.

4“ There are two kinds of companies: those that try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.”