Jan 19, 2014

Why we pay for coffee and not music?

This image came into my news feed on Facebook. At first look, I was in agreement with this one but when I thought about it, it does not seem logical argument. 

To make a cup of coffee

  • There would be thousands spend as well to make a perfect cup. i.e. growing the beans, cleaning, transportation, storage, humans, cows, sugar, machines cups, restaurant the list goes on. 
  • A Barista would have spend years to practice how to make a perfect coffee.
  • The coffee machine maker might have invested years to invent it.
I'm not in favor of piracy and that is a moral conflict I've not been able to resolve yet. I think as a human we would steal anything anytime if
  • the consequences of getting caught are not high
  • the punishment is tolerable
  • the reward outweighs the punishment/consequences 
  • it is acceptable to steal in the social circle we are in
I think people will steal coffee if they are able to. May be there will be digital coffee in the future you can download.

I'm just saying it does not cost just $5 like the image portrays to make coffee. You've to be genuine when you are doing cost analysis ...consider all the cost (except the emotional aspect).

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