Feb 14, 2014

want to cut the divorce or breakup rate in half?

Its very simple and may be fun (may be not for the guys).

Just watch a romantic movie together and discuss 

That’s the finding from a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. [Ronald D. Rogge et al, Is skills training necessary for the primary prevention of marital distress and dissolution? A 3-year experimental study of three interventions.]

Psychologists found that encouraging couples to watch romance flicks and then discuss them cut the divorce rate in half.The researchers divided 174 newlywed couples into three programs: active listening, where one spouse listens and then paraphrases back what they heard; or compassion training, doing random acts of kindness for your partner; or watching a movie a week for a month.

The movie-viewing couples discussed each film after watching it, guided by questions about the characters. Questions like: “Were they able to open up and tell each other how they really felt, or did they tend to just snap at each other with anger?”

All three programs worked very well, dropping the divorce rate after three years to 11 percent, versus 24 percent for couples who did no therapy. But the movie program is much more accessible and cheaper than counseling.

Source, Thanks  +Scientific American 

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