About this blog

I digest lots of information everyday and I’ve been having this philanthropic feeling to inform my fellow human beings about my views and amazing things we can achieve.

I'll be mainly writing around following theme

  • Psychology, Mental Health, Happiness
  • Helpful information for others
  • Productivity, simplification tips
  • Analyse information and put logical view. Not take things for granted,analyse it and explain what the real deal is.
  • Interesting stuff (Technology, Science, entertainment, random thoughts)
The name and tag line evolved out of this thinking

Rational: Information will be logical or evidence based.

Helper: Information will be (almost) always be helpful (or entertaining) to the reader.

As our family Guru said about his books..I have the same disclaimer to make about this blog.

"On my part, all that I have to say is, nothing that I have said in the main pages of this book is calculated to prejudice, prick or pinch anyone. In whatever pattern of style, all my observations are merely my views from the level of my understanding of things and I have draped them in my own expressions without invading the privacy of attack anyone. Yet, in few places where there are suggestive and specific mentions of names, I beg to submit that I have been prompted to do so by considerations other than hatred or malice for anyone. I beg of you also not to understand me as wanting to sound novel, too good or wise. Instead, you will please take the narrations and opinions for whatever they are worthy after little objective reflection."

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